Sunday, 22 January 2012

Cold but clear

Yesterday (Saturday) we wimped out of taking the bikes out as it was as windy as hell and wet, not nice at all. Today though it was sunny but very cold, perfect opportunity to get out for some fresh air. You always know its windy when the beach is full of para surfers or whatever you call them. Personally I'd call them lunatics, it really was cold today and these guys (and girls) launch themselves into the sea with a rubber suit on, madness, no matter how much of a rubber fetish you have! So the weather always suits someone I suppose, the windy days favour the surfers but make it awkward for the rest of us, ho hum, thats life I suppose. The good thing is that it must make life hell for the scourge of the roads (cyclists) although that didn't seem to stop hordes of them being out today! Another weekend closer to Summer....roll on!
I was out for a nice meal last night at an Indian/ Nepalese resturant, the very pleasant waiter was from Nepal and I in all seriousness asked him if they ate Elephants, I think he thought I was joking. If you had killed an elephant (in days gone by when there were plenty of them) why wouldn't you eat one? I think a elephant could feed a small village for a few days? And yet I've never heard of a Elephant Burger, something for you all to think about this week. I like Elephants by the way and I'm not advocating starting a craze for Elephant Burgers, just interested to know why we never hear of that.

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