Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oh Dear

So the bike was running great then the rev counter cable came loose and the rev counter stopped working, then as I was heading along the bypass I thought I felt a misfire so pulled off at the next junction and decided to make for Alex's house, then at a set of lights the bike died, I pulled over and found the electrics were dead then found a blown fuse and yes I had no spares with me!
A call to Alex and he came over (luckily only a couple of miles from his house) with tools, a meter and fuses, we replaced the fuse and the bike started up, transpires the original was a 7 Amp instead of the 35 Amp which should have been there. All seems well and after a cup of tea I wobbled home (avoiding main roads just in case!)
Why do I bother, I'm sure a nice new bike would be just the thing......or would it? Then I'd have nothing to talk about or to write in this Blog!


  1. Sometimes I find myself with the urge to pop on down to the dealers and look at new bikes...but I always talk myself out of it. My Norton currently has a single Mikuni on it. I agree that it looks strange, but it certainly starts easier than when it had two hugh 'modern square Amals' on it.I'm sure the top-end speed was better with them, but I really don't spend much time at 'ton-up' speeds.Now I just need to haul it back home and get the head and trans fixed on it.

  2. Larry, you are right, top speed is irelevant nowadays, with the 34 Mik though on the 850 I think it feels a bit strangled in overtaking. Gino