Friday, 11 November 2011

Flurry of activity

Unfortunatley the pursuit of money (to help keep my bikes going) and what seems like my single handed efforts to keep HM government awash with cash to bail out various economies has meant that work has been to the fore this week. Tonight however I had a flurry of activity in the garage, I fixed the Yellow Commando's front brake which failed last Saturday (technical explanations via the NOC newsletter) and having done that, it is now finished, looking, going and sounding splendid so I immediatley ripped the carb (Single Mikuni) off it. The yellow bike will now go into storage till the Spring. The single Mikuni will be grafted onto the 750 Roadster temporarily to see if it cures its ill's. Since I got the bike I've been buggering about with the Amals but enough is enough, if the Mikuni solves the problem then it'll be staying on!!
I have a LARGE box of Amals, all of which have more wear in them than a well used pair of whore's knickers (not that I know about such things) So I've decided that if the Mikuni is the answer then Mr AMAL will get no more of my hard earned cash, they look good, and are easy to work on by by god they last about 1000 miles before issues start to appear. New ones are being sold now which are supposed to be the answer BUT they are expensive. Tomorrow hopefully I'll complete the carb transplant and let you all know how it goes!!

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