Saturday, 19 November 2011


Thats what happened this week when I took my Guzzi Le Mans for an MOT! Because of this work thing I never bothered checking the Le Mans closely, I fixed (replaced) the rear indicators as the old ones had more or less disintegrated in a pile of rust and that was it. The bike failed on no less than 6 things, the most serious was the rear wheel bearings were gone, oops and I never noticed it either. Just like my old school report cards used to say " has potential but must try harder" No excuses, just laziness, now its taught me a lesson to check over the bikes thoroughly in future! All the bits were fixed this morning and it goes back for a re test next week, fingers crossed!

Today was a really nice day, the weather is still holding up so I took a ride down to Gifford this afternoon on the Mk3 Commando, splendid dry roads and great fun, not cold really untill it got dark. The picture is in front of the Tea shop there, well worth a visit, friendly and very reasonable food and prices!

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