Sunday, 21 August 2011

Getting organised

So just getting over the stress of last weekend's over generous bike lending activity although the work evolving from that will take a while to sort out. Now getting organised for our trip to europe this week. I'm taking the Guzzi as quite frankly i'm needing a rest. In getting a tyre on Saturday for the Breva (not my usual supplier but the same price and on my doorstep. ) I saw this bike and thought i'd share it with you. Also had issues with my tent poles on my 3 month old hi gear tent. A in house brand sold by camping warehouse go outdoors. So I trundled along looking for a set of poles under warranty. Not a chance, seems the poles aren't covered. Seems strange to me that you can sell a tent of which the poles are a fundamental part and yet they aren't covered when the break. I pointed out the poles were shite but the guy seemed to be programmed to ignore customer feedback. So if you want a reasonable tent buy a hi gear just don't expect the thing to function as a tent as the poles are crap. So guess where I won't be shopping again. On a brighter note were off on Thursday so keep looking in for updates on the trip.

The original plan was the Begonia Rally in Belgium followed by Croatia, well that may change now to a blast to the South of France (if its still sunny) for a few days soaking up the sun on the beach then a run through Italy (visiting Mandello the birthplace of my Guzzi's) and then Switzerland, Germany and home via Ijmuiden. This will save 3 days and around 1000 miles so I can spend more money and time researching fine French wines

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