Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Applecross Norton Meeting

Lolo (from Ibiza) and Alex waiting for us after the lunch stop

The Belgians appeal to the Rain Gods

Trying to fix another Norton

Well I have to say I'm glad its over, major stress in lending out four bikes, just getting them ready was a headache. Now they are all back safe (but needing some maintenance) I can breath a sigh of relief.
Tthe weekend didn't look too promising weather wise but we had a not bad run up to Applecross on the Friday and celebrated heavily in the bar that night. Saturday morning was raining and there appeared to be no enthusiasm for a run so we left everyone to their own devices. One of my bikes developed a heavy misfire which was down to a main jet holder working loose however, a catalogue of events led it to being a long day working on bikes, organising the nights entertainment, and some rescue services.
Thanks are due to David Templeton who made the journey to Skye Saturday evening to get an Inner tube for Sandy's bike. (I'd used my spare on the M90 at 7.30 on Friday morning!!)
Sunday only saw a handful left but we were blessed with a nice day and Monday was again very wet and Cold for the run home. I would have posted more over the weekend but the stress levels were too high!!

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