Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Almost ready but a little issue!!

Spent my spare time this week getting organised for the off. Why does it take so long to throw a few things in a bag? Checking, double checking and I'm sure I'll forget something in the end.
Got a call from my bank last night , seems somebody (thieving low life ratbag who deserves to die a horrible slow painful death) has got hold of my Bank details and has been trying to buy stuff over the Internet. The bank I have to say were very good and refunded all the dodgy transactions immediatley but it means I'm off on holiday with no bank card, maybe its a good thing and will stop me overspending!
Remember when a thief or robber broke in through your front door with a stripey shirt, eye mask and a bag with SWAG written on it? Now they screw your bank account from the comfort of their own mud hut or slum!!
Anyway off tomorrow woo hoo!

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