Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Gratuitous Motorcycle pics

Workshop today, Guzzi fettling first, new rear tyre and an attempt to get all the salt and road dirt off it plus a ACF50 treatment to try see it through the rest of the winter. I also fitted a Tacho, or rev counter on the Bonneville Newchurch. It always annoyed me a little not having double gauges, don't know why but it did. An aftermarket rev counter is available at a reasonable price which fits into the place where it looks like a rev counter should be. The instructions are ok but there was a couple of hiccups (mainly because I didn't read the instructions fully the first time) but after fitting it, it didn't work, back to the instructions which at the beginning said attach the impulse wire to the top connection on the "distributor" which is actually the coil, at the end it says "if it doesn't work try swapping the wire to the bottom connection, its usually the top but sometimes its not" Wire swapped and it works, hurrah! 

These were taken at the 2007 National Rally on the Isle of Wight, don't let the sunshine fool you, it pissed down in biblical proportions the whole way, the M42 at one point was a river, journey from hell but as always after a beer the sun came out and all was well. Trying to brighten the mood with some very shiny bikes!

The Commando on the left is only 5 digits away from Alex's bike, well I thought it was a coincidence

People are reporting some issued with leaving comments, I did wonder as the usual reprobates haven't been leaving abuse, keep trying, I miss your input!

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