Sunday, 25 March 2018

Guzzi Lunch and sunshine

Wonderful weather this weekend, the sun fairly lifts the spirits and it was evident from the number of motorcyclists out over the weekend that everyone had the same idea, roads though are in terrible condition and the salt is still thick but apart from a couple of light showers it was sun all the way. Guzzi lunch meet at the Bein Inn transfered to Kinross at the last minute as the Inn decided to shut for refurbishment and never told anyone, arseholes! We took the BMW's as they will be pressed into service for a Euro trip shortly and I wanted to make sure they were OK (The T3 got a wee run yesterday so at least I rode a Guzzi this weekend at some point)
En route we picked up Russel in Glenfarg, lost by the looks of it and no idea the meeting venue had changed so fortuitous we happened along. A great turnout but not a huge amount of Guzzi's but it was great to catch up with everyone anyway and get a blether, some pics to give you an idea.

The H**** had to be started by Alans Guzzi via jump leads for the second time today
Square four sounded nice but didn't half mark its territory
Kate's V50 looking purposeful 
Pretty V50
Alans V12 Harley starter
Oh so clean
These are growing on me
Russels bike
Russel looking confused, Jake looking Gandalf like
Donald like me lusting after this nice 888
Russel "How do I get out of the carpark"?

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