Monday, 10 April 2017

Pleasant weather

We seem to have had a spell of reasonable weather lately, it happens every so often but as always it’s no guarantee it’ll last so best to make hay while the sun shines or in my world burn petrol. Saturday a fine ride around the borders taking in a stop in the Meldons to enjoy some sun almost at the scene of our Dec 31st - Jan 1st camping trip, I’m glad to say the weather was much better.
I took the 1970 Commando, Fi was on the Guzzi Mk3 Le Mans, both bikes super fun to ride on the smaller roads. Sunday we did the same route in reverse and I took the T3 to keep a Guzzi theme going. The roads though until you escape the City are so busy and scarily seem to be populated with people who spend their time behind the wheel concentrating on everything except driving. Stay safe out there!
At rest in Edinburgh
At rest in Peebles
Nice day for it
Waiting on George Martin with our chips, oops, wasn't cold or wet enough
Note the subtle difference, the Norton has morphed into a Guzzi
Fi enjoying the day
Me scaring the livestock

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