Sunday, 5 March 2017

Bike chess, travel stories and mucking around

I thing on Saturday I invented a new game, bike chess. This came about due to having too many motorcycles scattered across various garages in various counties. First a visit to Perth early Saturday morning to meet David and Anne Templeton who were picking up the G5 Guzzi I bought just before Christmas. I also picked up one of my Norton Commando's and my Guzzi Mk3 LeMans to bring them down to Embra so I can get them ready to use. We then took the sidecar to see Lois Pryce who was doing a talk at BMW Mottorad in Dalkeith. Lois is a bike traveler and writer, she rode from Alaska to Argentina a few years ago then down through Africa afterwards (solo) and wrote two excellent books on the trips, she has just finished her book on a solo tour of Iran and that was the basis of the talk, an entertaining and informative couple of hours, if you are looking for more info check out her website .
After the talk Fiona took control and I had a very quick trip to Prestonpans in the chair whilst Fi tried to prove that no matter how fast she went around left handers the chair wouldn't lift due to my weight!! We then parked up the chair and rode our 800 Honda we bought a while ago back to our house, now that the chair wasn't in the garage there's room for the Norton, Guzzi and Honda. Bike chess, all you need is multiple bikes stored in multiple garages, great fun......not
Today was another trials day, great fun and tiring!

Last ride on the outfit for a bit
Surprised to see this, very nice
For rent, hopefully they throw in tuition!!!
Lois and Fi
Warming up
Me already warm
Tired, actually I was stuck!!!
How do I get up there?


  1. Hi Fiona and Gino, thanks for the continuing entertainment.
    I used to do a lot of trials walking as well so I know exactly how you feel Fiona, great fun and good exercise though.
    BTW I did pass on my seasons greetings and comments on your New Year sojourn back in January but I guess you're too busy looking forward (good) to involve yourselves looking backwards.
    All the best again frae Eric frae the land of the smoked fish.

    1. Hi Eric, great to hear from you and apologies for not replying to the New Year comment, I must have missed it in all the celebrations.
      Yep we still don't have the hang of it but we are getting more confident at falling off! Hopefully meet up somewhere before long. Take care

      Gino & Fiona