Monday, 12 September 2016

Town Yetholm Norton meeting

So the annual meeting starring the mighty Tay Valley, Edinburgh and Northumbria branches has come around again so it must be September, unbelievable its been a year since the last one. We set off after work on Friday only to be confronted with rain, wind and crazy traffic on the Edinburgh bypass. Not a great start to the weekend however we got to Kelso and it dried out a bit and then even got our tent up dry!
Unfortunately the pub wasn't dry (in an alcoholic sense) and this meant we partook of copious amounts meaning Saturday was a bit fuzzy. Great to see everyone again, I had been secretly lusting after a Falcone recently (maybe just a phase) and Bert nephew Ian turned up on a mint example, Bert turned up on his "Indian Four" a masterpiece of engineering, I've seen it through the various stages and am very impressed by the workmanship. The fact it ran like a watch (a Swiss one rather than a dodgy rip off) made it all the more impressive. Toon and his pal from Belgium turned up on the Saturday after a week travelling around Scotland so it was great to see some younger guys along (not that any of us are older!!!)
Fantastic weekend with great company and old motorbikes, whats not to like.  
Guzzi's at rest, Fi was on the V11
A brace of Mk3 commandos
Alan, up from Hull on his ES2
Robin up from South of Manchester on his Fastback
Bert stole the show though
Campbell down from Aberdeen
Ian's new Falcone
Forfar John's fine Commando
Windy, Forfar John and Philly getting into it
Alan looks like he's getting out of it, good to see Robin back on the scene
Story telling
Just excellent no matter where you look
Sandy Bloy's sidestand modification
Not a bad part of the world
Kirk at Kirk Yetholm
George Martin paid us a visit to drop some oil
Euan's sidestand mod, he though it might blow over!

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