Monday, 29 August 2016


This weekend we are normally in Belgium for the Begonia Rally but this year for a variety of reasons we couldn't go so we decided to spend the bank holiday weekend in Ardnamurchan. Pressures of work (yes I know ridiculous!) meant we left on Saturday to head up the A82, luckily we avoided some of the insanity by going up via the back road to Comrie then joining the A82 at Lochearnhead. The polizia were out in force trying to extract money and causing misery to mainly motorcyclists from what I could see. Gav Smith was standing half way through the village having obviously been pulled, I shouted encouragement and stopped short of a rant about facists and dubious parentage! Now I understand the dangers of speeding but every year the constabulary go out and generally make themselves a nuisance by proactively targeting motorcyclists, it really pisses me off, when was the last time you saw a very badly driven car or motorhome being pulled, never I'd say. The pattern was repeated all the way to Fort William with sleekit bobbies hiding in hedges hoping to make someones day even more miserable than it already is because the roads are so congested with retarded tourists. Anyhow after crossing the Corran ferry to the peninsula life got immediately better, empty roads and quite splendid roads at that. We camped at Sunart camping at Strontian, the owner is also a keen motorcyclist so as well as the site being clean, well kept and nice facilities knowing you are helping a fellow motorcyclist earn a living is the icing on the cake.
A couple arrived on a Vstrom, Ian and Fiona from Gourock, nice people and we shared a few drinks on the Saturday night in the local pub (well more than a few!!) Another rant, I often wonder why Applecross is so busy and popular whereas The Ardnamurchan peninsula is so quiet despite it being arguably  every bit as nice and in fact easier to get to. I got my answer on the Friday night when we almost didn't get fed as they were "busy, it's a bank holiday weekend!" now thankfully we did get fed but over the weekend I saw many groups of people being turned away, in my mind ridiculous and unfortunately I can probably guarantee not many of these people will return. So if your heading up (which you should) book a meal or take your own!
Ian and the two Fionas and I retired to the bothy on site for a few more drams after closing time which is just what we all needed. I have to say the weather on Sunday was outstanding so I took full advantage by doing nothing, perfect. Another (but thankfully quieter) night in the pub Sunday and more banter with the locals and our new Gourock pals meant I could almost face the midges this morning! A fantastic run down the road, eerily quiet and one of these days when you just never get held up and in sunshine, perfect weekend again!
The Mandello mauler ready for the off
Corran ferry, escape from the masses
Guzzi having a cruise
Land ahoy Captain
Our weekend house!
Fi pulling faces
Pretty sunset
Surprised to see this Tesla in the campsite, I got the full rundown from the owner who is very impressed, drove up from London that day with 3 electric stops (and they were camping!)
Ian & Fiona prepared to go escape the midges
Empty roads
With nice bends 
Fi disembarking
Glencoe & sunshine, perfect


  1. sunny but looks coolish? It poured when we were at Strontium and we had to sty in this Bates motel.

    1. It was very hot on the Sunday and warm on the Monday, very lucky as the forecast was not great but we won!!

  2. Great share! Love reading your blog!