Tuesday, 5 July 2016


We left Dubrovnik and Croatia on Friday night. The very efficient ferry (take note DFDS!!) deposited us in Bari, Southern Italy on Saturday morning. We had a few missed turns out of Bari, very stressful as I'm sure mot of the people have comedy driving licences although its not funny! We latched on the a GS1200 rider who was heading part of the way and said we should tag along, we did and it worked out well, turns out our temporary guide was Roberto, a lawyer from Bari, plenty business there I suspect!
After about 100 miles we parted company and Fiona and I ran along the foot of Italy from East to West before getting the ferry to Sicily, it all seemed chaotic but they sure turned the boats around quickly for the 25 minute trip to the island. We stayed in Taormina, a very hilly town in the shadow of Mount Etna. We had an outstanding view from our hotel which made the challenging ride up the narrow streets worthwhile.
Sunday we rode past Catania which looked incredibly busy then took the small and less crazy roads to Punta Secca, the biggest issue down here is the road surface is very slippy so its with much trepidation that you tip into bends, the locals though have God to protect them obviously so drive and ride in such a way that beggars belief. A couple of days in Punta Secca in Inspector Montalbano's house was a superb way to relax but a short trip to Ragusa to see more Montalbano set's (Italian detective series)  kept our blood levels high. I haven't mentioned the heat, it varies between a cool 30 and a hot 40, excellent ! We've just arrived in Palermo following a nice ride part of the way across the sun baked centre of the Island, photos as always to give you a flavour and to save me writing more nonsense.
Dubrovnik Port awaiting the ferry
Bari, 8am Saturday
Roberto, our Bari lawyer guide
Mount Etna from our digs, not too shabby
Panoramic from the restaurant
Nice by night
And nice by day
Even the bikes had a view
For you Montalbano fans, the famous balcony!
Sunset, drink, food, perfect
Ragusa, a well know church shown often in the series
Pretty trees
More Churches
The ancient portal to the City (not Fiona)
Blah blah
Enjoying a drink on that balcony
A Fisherman returns home in the sunset
Meanwhile the locals dance in the street
Heading over the hills
Pretty dry here as you might imagine


  1. There a wis.gettin' throo ma Bucket List jist fine.Then ye show us this...awa ya pair o' scunners

  2. Great report! Blah Blah.... xoxoxo LMAO

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  4. But how do you manage to ride in 30 - 40°C? My limit's about the mid twenties... Good to see the Guzzi made it there OK!

  5. Looks like an amazing trip, thanks for the share.