Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bert & Laurennes Party

That time of year again for the annual "Bert & Laurenne" party. Despite taking 2 hours to ride the 30 miles due to an accident on the bypass (we were in the sidecar so couldn't filter) the excellent hospitality and great banter from the assembled throng numbed my anger at the incompetence of the council and Police. Scotland is quickly being brought to a standstill by its under developed road system and lack of thinking by the authorities when an accident or roadworks block any artery. The powers that be would be incapable of running a piss up in a brewery never mind a country. Rant over, the party was excellent and some very tasty bikes were there (mainly Berts!) an evening spend drinking beer and talking nonsense whilst looking at bikes, whats not to like? Instead of the usual photos I've done a time lapse video of part of the evening to give you a flavour (can you smell the smoke?)

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