Sunday, 26 April 2015


Major step forward this week as we got the new starter motor delivered and fitted by Wednesday, so once again we have a fully functioning sidecar outfit. This week has been great weather wise and it heated up a bit which was fantastic however Friday the wind changed and 12 degrees C is about all we can muster at the moment which is disappointing.
Got the cylinder head re torqued on the Commando and spent some time fettling the Guzzi T3 (just as well I did as the engine bolts were almost falling out) It seems if you buy an old bike then you are certainly buying other peoples bodges, I must remember that the next time I take a spur of the moment notion to buy another bike!!
Fiona got a chance to give the outfit a good try out today with me following on the Guzzi, we were lucky enough to avoid the wintry showers and although it looks nice in the photos we need that wind to change again so we can get the heat back.
Whilst we were at Gullane I spotted the DFDS cargo boat heading for Belgium, why did our government let the operators of the passenger ferry to Europe close down what was for us a great route to access mainland Europe, the money we're wasting building hundreds of miles of cycle track would have been better spent supporting access to Europe for tourists and hauliers. And while I'm on the subject how environmentally friendly is it to build hundreds of miles of tracks, taking down trees and planting more asphalt all over the place just so the lycra mafia who contribute hee haw to F8ck all can use them for the odd run whilst most of them stick to the roads anyway ? As long as we all realise real cyclists probably don't care for these tracks and would rather use the roads anyway but the "Government" have decided its a great "green" policy to harp on about during one of their many holier than thou moments we seem to see more often these days. The election will soon be on us and I for one will use my vote wisely to elect the least halfwitted of the multiple halfwits standing to ensure we continue to squander money on nonsense and ruin what used to be a great country.
Here's a thought, perhaps rather than elect politicians we should just hold a giant lottery to select a group of random people to run the country for the next 5 years, now that would be interesting don't you think?  

Our bikes at rest in Gullane 
Madness, too cold for this carry on but full marks anyway
Come to Scotland, great beaches, clean and empty (because its so cold!)
This used to take passengers, DFDS have not helped themselves in my opinion


  1. Aye Fi & Gino,
    Been watching but nae saying much for a wee while. Invested in a superior "keg carrier" I note! Maybe it should be called the "Good ship DFDS", as you'll no have room for passengers in the 'tub'! ;¬)
    Agree, the wind is VERY lazy at present, but we were out last weekend for a 200 miler around the Clyde etc. Septic foot prevented play after Tuesday, so missed all the balmy weather runs planned for the evenings. :¬(
    Good health.

  2. Hi Bill, I'm assuming the forestry commission no longer have a call on all of your time? If you missed the 5 days of good weather then I fear that's it for the year, damned cold again this weekend. hopefully manage a pit stop at Myreside some time, get the kettle on!

  3. No problem, as long as we are about. I suspect a tick bite produced the septic foot. A 8½ day course of double dose antibiotics and still not sure if it is clear! Maybe back to the quack by Friday. As for the 4th starter !££££££*&%$$$$$!?
    Good health.