Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mixed fortunes

It's been sunny of late but there's still a bite to the wind making sure we don't get lulled into a false sense of summer. Saturday morning (well lunchtime) we presented two Nortons for MOT's (annual test) and thankfully they both passed. Always a relief when you get the pass ticket, as I've said before I always feel nervous about this annual ritual and always glad when its over.
Big excitement this weekend was picking up our sidecar, up to Leven in Fife to pick it up from Kenny, we set off (Fi on the Norton, me piloting the chair) trying to remember all the advice Kenny had given us, all well we made it to Anstruther for a chippy, and very good it was too. Then the wobble back down to Edinburgh, to be honest my forearms were pumped up from hanging on so hard, reminded me of my first ride on a big bike but it was a great experience, We stopped at Morrisons for beer (see when you've got a sidecar you can carry plenty beer!) Fi piloted it the last mile home but disaster struck when the bike wouldn't start again. We managed to bump start it and get it home, preliminary investigation showed it to be the starter but I left it alone until today to check it our properly.
A day of much swearing and cursing, pushing (to try to start it but it was Fi who pushed, at one point aided by neighbour John) all to no avail, I couldn't get a tune out of it at all. So the BMW name continued to live up to its Broken Motorcycles Worldwide meaning. Kenny is organising a new starter so hopefully soon we will have a functioning bike again. Just what I needed another bike to work on............!!!!! NOT!!
As always look on the bright side, we saved some money on petrol and tyre wear today

Pretty Nortons resting after the nice tester man gave them a clean bill of health
Anstruther, the town of fish suppers
Side car and Norton resting in the sun
Plenty room for beer (just after this we had to bump start it so we needed the beer!!!)

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