Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weather perking up!!

The LLMCC rally this weekend up in Argyll was our venue for this weekend, a half day from work on Friday and a good run up, some rain and a stop at Tarbet for tea and a roll, perfect, the usual arrive meet old friend and pitch the tent. A crowded campsite made for some pretty powerful snoring and flatulence noises at night, the only downside. A great time had by all and some new ideas hatched perhaps.
It never ceases to impress me just how much like a big family meeting these events feel like, great people, great crack and plenty stories told and exchanged. Tighnabruach is a fine wee place for the weekend, recommended!
I'll let the pictures do the talking, weather was exceptional for this time of year.

Stirling Castle in the backdrop
Cup of tea time and time to ponder the rain
Stunning backdrop as we all set up camp on Friday
Heather and Bob animated in conversation while Geoff asks Fi about sidecars
Ian Carnagie sending Tam to sleep
Saturday morning, longbeards meeting
Nice outfit got me thinking......
Norrie on best behaviour
Is it really Scotland in March?
Great to see these old businesses still going
Although sunny it was still jacket weather
Busy bar
Busy carpark
Bumped into David T by the palm trees
Worth a photo


  1. Hoo lucky can ye get...great photie o' the Kyles o' Bute...Ye'll Travel Faur an' Fare Waur...Tighna' is a wee Gem.


  2. Aye Geordie, tell ye the weather varies like me usually