Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rain then Sun

A weekend spent doing bike stuff which was great, a very damp Saturday down at East Fortune in the car. Derek Allan had offered us some ER6 bit which may be handy in the future so we took the opportunity to have a day out at East Fortune at the motorcycle races where he was helping a couple of guys. A great day out despite the dampness and good to catch up with some of the guys from a previous life where I actually went faster than the speed limit!
Sunday we had a Norton meeting at Loch Katrine, Fi, Alex David and myself made up the early crowd with a grand total of 2 Nortons between us, then joined by Sandy & Rab so another Norton, finally Hector appeared making it four Nortons, we had a quorum! great crack and great weather, we stopped for dinner at South Queensferry just to stay out in the sun for a while.

Getting it well over despite the wet!
Derek "Now where did I put that screwdriver"
I'll hold it, you nod. then he can hit it!
Our young friend impressed in only his third race
A pre race pep talk
Nortons in the sun
More Nortons
Hector's Norton, not seen for a while
Alex and I posing in front of the iconic Forth rail bridge

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