Sunday, 27 July 2014

Gravel Roads

Since we got back from the All Roads lead to the Moon tour we've tried to find some gravel roads to keep up our "off road" skills. In Scotland though its almost impossible, the hand full of people who own Scotland want to keep it to themselves which is in one way understandable but morally wrong when I think its less than 400 people own most of the land and as always usually for the benefit of their rich friends. Anyway rant over, we had a great day yesterday with a stunning (and very hot) ride through the borders and a ride across the Kielder forest in the North of England managing about 12 miles on gravel before heading to Jedburgh camping for the night where we were joined by Bert and Laurenne for the evening which was great crack. Plenty drink taken and stories told. Entertainment came from the locals, a group were out on what I assume was a stag do, it was very bizarre, some aufy sichts as my maw would have said!
The weather has been stunning this past week so the rain today on the run home was small price to pay for the South American style heat we've had, only downside is it seems to make the car drivers even more erratic than normal!
Filling up, the great thing about these bikes is they use hardly any petrol, I reckon this weekend saw us getting 75+ MPG
Great scenery, quiet roads
A short border raid
Fi quickly back into the groove
I eat her dirt for a change
Back to Bonnie Scotland
The old Jail in Jedburgh
Jedburgh Abbey, founded in 1154 by Augustine monks though to have come from France, Its pretty impressive for such an old building
Adding the alcoholic feel to the Abbey, Laurenne, Bert & Fi
The locals providing entertainment! Very bizarre
Cant remember what this was about but I do remeber some of the ladies seemed to have forgotten most of their clothes!

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