Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weather again

Beast laid plans went differently this week, our visit to the Bob Mac on Saturday put off as a huge rain front came in so we contented ourselves with a superb party at Bert and Laurennes place. We had a great time, thanks guys for the effort you put in to keep a load of your mates happy (and pissed)
Photos tell the story....
Bike club on Thursday saw this Coventry Eagle turn up
And this
Davie Clark turned up at the party on his latest bike, cool
Ali on her tempremental Guzzi
I took my tempremental Guzzi
Bikes in the garden
Berts cool flat tracker
Windy's new 961....nice
relaxing telling stories
Nice turn out of bikes
And people, Berts makeshift BBQ shelter doing the job
Alan & Susie leave for a trip around Scotland in their 3 wheeled Morgan

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