Saturday, 3 November 2012

Sunny but nae bike

Sorry to say despite the sunny weather I didn't take the bike out today, I've got a appointment with some friends in a bar later so just went out for a walk and brunch. Thought I'd share this photo (another one) of this iconic bridge, there's a memorial to the guys who were killed in the construction of the bridge nearby now, makes sobering reading, the youngest was just 13! If you look at photos of the history of the construction you'll see that health and safety consisted of a bowler hat and a pair of stout braces to hold trousers up, no wonder the cost of structures built then were paid for not just by money but human life.
On a cheerier note, plenty bikes out today although I noticed the roads have salt on them now and are retaining that dampness more, make sure to clean it when you get back or the next time you go out it'll just be a rusting seized heap! 

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