Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Clearing out

The fact I'm off on the bike for a while means I'm having a bit of a clear out, still feel it hard to throw anything out though, perhaps a year on the road will change that? Only five days untill the adventure starts for real so quite exciting now. Found this (as I was clearing SD cards!!) Its a pic of my Dommie taken a couple of months ago when we were changing the head bearings (ended up they just needed greased) So I thought I'd share for the Brit lovers out there. The Dommie like most of my other bikes will be having a year off while I wear the BMW out!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gino

    Know how you feel about chucking things out prior to a big trip. We had to sling loads when leaving Oz to ride back to UK. Your trip looks like it should be a laugh, like your attitude, good mix of planning and just getting on with it. Have fun now, I'll keep checking in on your progress

    Will and Kate