Sunday, 16 September 2012

Almost escaped the rain

Eventually got it together and got out on the bikes for a while, the wind was ever present and the rain threatened and appeared in bits but never bad enough to get soaked. Result is that the Norton isn't too dirty so it'll need minimal cleaning before our Norton camping weekend in the borders next weekend. This is a joint Tay Valley, Edinburgh and Northumberland weekend so hoping for a good turn out. Looking at the weather forecast it doesn't look too bad so fingers crossed it'll be good enough for a wee run out on the Saturday.


  1. It's okay to get caught in the rain if you have your rain suit. If you don't then its going to be a difficult ride.

  2. I'd say any ride in the rain is difficult, well more so than the dry, whether or not you have a rain suit on only adds or helps the discomfort and difficulty. You are right though, wet isn't good either way! We live in the UK so we need to accept it!