Thursday, 9 August 2012


So the bike refused to start and we ended up getting the bike taken back to Mottorad Dalkeith where they diagnosed a faulty fan unit, looks like the fan has gone sticky and then blown a fuse which also apparently feeds the engine management system. A new fan is on order and it'll hopefully be fitted first thing in the morning so we can attempt again to get to our (expensively) re booked ferry!!
Not a happy bunny but these things happen for a reason, need to get myself a data analyser for the bike ASAP, that would have shown the problem up in seconds but then the quandry is do you ride with the fan disconnected and risk overheating? At least I know something else about these bikes now.
Just done a quick oilchange on Fi's Kawa, thats the backup plan if all goes to shit tomorrow! This will affect the tight timescale we were on so maybe a little less miles and more looking at the scenery, maybe thats the message anyway!

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  1. MMMmm! Bu**er! Norton's revenge? Having spent last weekend wrestling with Honda electrics, Joe Lucas 'Prince of Darkness' wasn't so bad and a mag and a dynamo could be even better. Fingers crossed you get the ferry, regardless of which bikes you use.
    All the best, Bill.