Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Changing scenery

We were up early this morning and got on the road for 9am but it was half an hour later before I stopped going round in circles and got free of the town. A good ride through some excellent scenery on a mix of main and small roads, we're now in a very soviet inspired campsite (the picture is the shower and toilet block ) just outside michalovce about 20 miles from the Ukraine border. The last few miles saw a change in the faces and houses, more asian looking people who are obviously poorer than their slovak
neighbours. I saw a naked black boy playing in the street, people pushing trolleys with scrap in them, a change from the wealthy looking people we've seen all the way across europe so far. Tomorrow we'll attempt a foray into Ukraine!


  1. So if I understand this correct, it is like this:
    Norton Commando, possibly the best motorcycle ever made.
    BMW F650, possibly the best motorcycle-with-fan ever made.
    Great pittoresque toilet block picture!
    Have fun ya'all,

  2. Wasn't there a "Norton" with a 650 BMW engine for a short while?