Sunday, 20 May 2012

Why me

A nice day today, still cool but nice so we had a last shake down on the Norton's before we leave for Ireland and the Isle of man. The yellow bike was fine apart from the speedo reading 15 mph slow which led to some stress as I tried to catch Fiona on the bypass! I stopped at halfords to buy a bicycle speedo as a back up so at least we know what speed roughly we're doing. Then the black bike speedo gearbox fell apart. Honest you couldn't make this up! I had a new one in stock, genuine Norton part which meant it should fit, wrong! Half an hour with a file to get it on and i'm not sure if it'll last the trip. Total shite really, rewarding bikes but let down by some of the parts available! So if you want a Norton remember you'll also need to buy a file!


  1. The bikes still look great. You'll have to learn to judge speed by watching Fiona's pony tail as you try to catch up with her...