Friday, 11 May 2012

Is it time to build an Arc?

Right, thats it officially fed up with the cold and rain, still like Winter here and we're only 6 weeks away from Midsummer. It's pissing it down today and therefore any hopes I had of going to the Garage for a while tonight have been put on the back burner (I need to put some of the bikes out to make room to work) .
I've got the Yellow 750 back together again so IF the dry slightly warmer weather happens tomorrow (more than 10DEG C) We'll get it out for a try.
Ordered a few things from RGM motors (Norton parts dealer) lately and I have to say service is excellent, next day delivery every time!
Hopefully tomorrow I can post up a photo of the bikes out in the sunshine (or at least dry.......please?)

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