Friday, 27 April 2012

Very cold

So tonight after work we headed Northward to Invergarry . Alex and I on the norton's and Fiona on the kawa. I realised soon after leaving i'd forgotten my fleece, it was bloody freezing! So we had torrential rain, snow sleet and also got blinded by the sun. At one point a car moved over to let me past at a particularly wet bit and the norton went onto one cylinder. Luckily it seemed to clear after a mile or so. Thank god because i'd no feeling in my hands! Here now, cooked tea, now having some wine and the feeling is back in my feet and hands so life is once again good.


  1. Aye Gino,
    Baltic and starry down here now and 2" of lying soft hail at Inver, when I left at 18:00pm! Hope rays come out tomorrow and you have a grand time. SRX along to Colin for MoT at 08:30am this morning, so it'll either be smiles or tears by 09:00am!
    Slainte, Bill.

  2. Did it pass Bill? always a nerve racking time!

  3. Aye Gino,
    The Maestro wasn't about, but Sally passed and I had to go and kickstart her, as the tester of the day had a problem! Lukewarm singles and full choke, with wiggly throttles are a recipe for sulking, as you well know! Needless to say a few purging swings, a backfire, a next swing, away we went. Off for a hurl via Dunning Glen with Kat on the Bros and we were greeted by 2" of frozen slush in the shade of the trees and accompanied by a load of time trialists in lycra! A tour of the backroads of W.Fife, Stirling and Perthshire was really nice in the sun, but a biting cold wind. Sandy'll have to buy some better quality knicker elastic. Hope he got home safe? Good health, Bill.