Sunday, 15 April 2012

Classic club meeting

This was the Scottish Classic club's first meeting of the year, we had a run over on the Mk3 Commando celebrating its first run of the year. Gill joined us for the banter and to share the freezing cold (but sunny and dry) conditions. As has been the case all winter the road past Knockhill was in shocking condition , more like a gravel road than a main highway, Fife Council get your act together!!!!
As always good banter, plenty nice bikes to look at so a good day out really, David made the trip over from the West so undoubtably won the imaginary long distance award on Smokey Joe. A grand day out (and a quite successful late afternoon in the garage)
The Mk 3 Commando out for its first run of the year!
Eric's BSA, made it all the way frae Arbroath
Sandy's Dommie

Snib's 400/4, overtaken by a Trabant en route I believe

Same Era different bikes, a Commando shares a parking place with a KH750

Smokey Joe Looking forlorn in the corner
Robbies nice Fastback


  1. Whit! Nae Cali III with daffies?

  2. Sorry Jakey boy, forgot to snap it, and me a Guzzi fan as well, still confused about the Daffies significance? was it something you picked up on in the land of crap manufacturing tolerances?