Saturday, 15 October 2011

Too good to miss

This morning promised good weather so the "to do" list was largely abandoned and we took to the road, I was on the Mk3 Commando which seems to be behaving itself now. One comment from today, I've never seen so much dangerous, stupid and careless driving all in one day, it made me think that Istanbul was less risky, final manoeuvre of the day to shock me was a new Porche Cayenne which went through a red light at Gogar , and cut through the traffic on the roundabout using all 3 lanes at around 60mph, I hope the small penis guy kills himself before he kills someone else!! If I had a chance to get his number I'd have reported him. But none of that spoiled what was a great day wobbling around the border roads in relative warmth, superb! Pics are the bikes outside Gifford Church (good cafe across the road, try it sometime) the Bass rock reflecting the sun from the liberal coating of bird shit that gives it it's colour and of course me on the Norton!

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of some places in California, with the big rock jutting out of the ocean like that. Here's hoping your guide seal problems are behind you!