Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mellow Yellow

Hard at work in the garage today making the 750s back into a roadster (just a pipe change) so how did it take me so long? Well the new downpipes fitted well but they needed 2 1/2 inches cut of each of them so that the silencer would go on! If I'd left them they would have gone almost a third of the way up the silencer (which they can't because of the welding on the internal baffles. Oh and the stainless brackets were only polished on one side, and one of the brackets is handed so much polishing needed on one side! Quite crap really, when the spares were cheap and not of good quality you could almost put up with it, now they aren't cheap and some of the stuff is still poor! Can you imagine buying a downpipe for a Honda and finding its 2 1/2 inches (or 75mm) too long? I think not, even my Guzzi's which everyone think is stone age engineering get parts from the suppliers that actually fit.
Main reason for the change is to make it more practical, impossible to put throw overs on and to be honest although it looked nice there are other issues which come with a high level pipe setup. Hopefully get a run on it before the salt appears on the roads!

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