Friday, 24 September 2010

Yee haa its the weekend!

Friday and its not raining (well not yet anyway) been a busy week bike wise, finally got the gearing changed on the 750 Roadster and its running about 90% correctly, just a niggle on the carburation at the bottom end. It seems to be running lean, suspect the slow running circuit isn't totally cleared so I've decided to run it for a while and hopefully it'll improve. Checked the valve timing also this week so that's another check done.
The Mk3 though, decided to take it along to see its previous owner who was in town for business this week, my god, it sounded like a cement mixer, It was fine on the last trip back from Braemar but after an oil change (which should improve things) it sounds terrible, its been abandoned on the bench and investigative surgery will take place next week, hopefully nothing serious! Norton ownership isn't just for Christmas, its for life!!
So after work (?? well you know what I mean) today I'm heading North hopefully on the Guzzi Breva to give it a run. Applecross (for a change) will be the final destination on Saturday sometime. Just hope the weather stays only moderately crap!
A noticeable drop in temperature has prompted me to dig the heated jacket out of the loft, no point in being cold if you have the technology to stay warm.
Hopefully I can post a picture of the Autumn colours on the way (if my new phone is up to it!)

A bit of art, dew on Autumn berries taken last Sunday!

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