Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Sucessful day!

After spending hours poring over the complexities (or not) of Amal Carbs I've finally got the 750 Roadster running well, not perfect but 98% which is good enough for now. I was at the stage where if I whistled the carbs would come off. The issue wasn't down to just one thing but a combination of things, here's a tip, make sure ALL mating surfaces are totally flat first, new O rings and balance pipe then check there isn't excess wear in the bodies or slides , also check both carbs match internally!!!
Now Norton ownership isn't without its problems, especially if you have several, just as you think that's them all running well another one will develop issues, the Mk3 rattle was investigated and I found the Right inlet has suddenly gained about an 1/8" clearance. Now there has to be a reason for this and after much deliberation I've decided to rip it apart, thinking it could be the follower foot breaking off......who knows until I get into the dark recesses, I will keep you posted!
And finally I thought I'd post a picture of my JPN taken on the last day I rode it before storing it, looks nice and I can't believe its two years since I've had it on the road so next year it'll be out there.....for definite!

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