Thursday, 29 July 2010

More problems!

So this morning up bright and early to fit the head on the 750 Commando, as I was about to put the valve collets on the faulty guide / valve I saw a 1mm gap round part of the valve seat, drat! further investigation showed the valve wasn't parallel with the seat. Time to go to an expert engineering shop, Simon Linford to the rescue, transpires NONE of the valves were seated 100% and it appears that the seats hadn't been re cut after the new guides were fitted, very bad form and another black mark for a well known parts supplier from the Midlands who had carried out the work.
Luckily I had another guide to replace the duff one and Simon has re cut all the seats and given the head a clean bill of health, hopefully tomorrow I'll go and pick it up and start the rebuild!

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