Tuesday, 6 July 2010

At Ease

Well Balearic ferries helped me to keep my service aspirations low with that trip, we were first on first in the queue and last off, more than an hour after the last bikes on had come off. We were then emptied into the streets of Barcelona at their busiest (2 hours later than we should have been), great fun!. We managed to escape the city on an incredibly busy A2 and eventually found our hotel at 8.45 local time, nice hotel, basic but a very nice receptionist who is also the barman and cook, its really nice in this area near Monseratt. Tomorrow we head for Pampolona roughly, hopefully we can catch a bit of the festival which started today. The news is full of reports on how hot it is and they aren`t kidding its to be 44 degrees Centigrade in part of Spain tomorrow but a much cooler 32 where we´re going.

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  1. Hiya u 2. We are home - 2 much rain on the west coast!! Wish we had some of ur sun!!