Sunday, 18 October 2009

England for a short visit

It was such a nice day it would have been bad manners not to go out for the day on the bike. We headed down the A68 (despite the speed cameras the complete cretins in their cars not paying attention and the scourge of country roads Horse boxes being towed by the country set) Before we knew it we were at the border which seperates this uncluttered land with our much more cluttered neighbours, an interesting fact is that Scotland has an average of 168.2 people per square mile whils England has 1023 people per square mile so you know where to come if you want peace and quiet! A superb day with the countryside resplendent in deep autumnal colours, almost worth a poem!

A run back towards Edinburgh via Kelso Duns and Gifford** on the small roads ended an excellent day (**sorry we never stopped at the tea shop but it was getting late)

A view of our bonnie land from the border

We passed Hume Castle just outside Kelso, originally build in the 12th and 13th Century but rebuilt as a folly in the 18th Century



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