Monday, 9 September 2019

Euro trip part 3

We left Embrun and retraced our steps a bit to find the small roads and in amongst some spectacular passes and roads we found a small bike museum adjacent to a nice cafe, a perfect stop for lunch. The museum was interesting with an eclectic mix of bikes, bikes you don't see so much of in the UK including a collection of small capacity bikes which many Europeans cut their motorcycling teeth on. The place is open June to October, free entry (donations welcome) and its on the D902 near St Paul sur Ubaye, shortly after we crossed into Italy, roads much quieter and more potholes taking the S21 to almost Cuneo then taking the S20 over the Tende pass to la Brigue, a former Italian town ceded after WW2 to the French. A nice campsite on the edge of town with the possibility to swim in the pools on the river, I didn't go in but Fiona did, the Alpine water straight of the mountains meant it was freezing and I tend to shy away from freezing. The campsite owner was a jolly chap who I managed to get some banter with, despite being born here post war he still considered himself Italian. We scranned up some dinner then walked into town for a beer, there is a hotel on the left as you enter the town in the square, avoid, its run by Bobby from still game complete with mullet and i'm pretty sure we got ripped off.  After people watching (this town seems to hold onto its village idiots) we headed further into town to a bar, the barman recognised us from the previous place and even knew what we'd been drinking, scary. We sat at the bar and attracted the attention of the chief local village idiot, his stories getting more exaggerated by the minute and culminating in a request to go to his house for more drink, in true time honoured fashion we made our excuses and left.
The following day we had a short run into Italy again and into my home village, this time we were staying in the Hotel just outside the village, the local Festa was on so it was busy but very entertaining. This year the show was a horror comedy featuring Frankenstein and other monsters all done on several stages throughout the village, very well done and even though I only understood about a third very enjoyable. The rest of the weekend was spent meeting family and friends and planning the next part of the trip. More to follow.......
Nice roads again
Woo Hoo , old bikes
Only one Norton 
This was a very interesting Exhibit, a French BFG with I believe a 4 cylinder Citreon car engine
Made the visit very worthwhile
OK thats enough
Waiting for the lights at the top of the Tiende pass, they one way traffic about 25 minutes a time
Camping La Brigue, recommended!
If you fancy fitting in, house for sale
Italian feel obviously
An attempt at an arty shot
Bruno looking cool as he arrives to have a drink with us
The village lit up for the Festa
Not far from my old house
Woo Hoo a Guzzi
Proper car 
The lights do it justice
The bridge
The band and actors
This one scared the bejeezus out of the small kids
Frank getting a hard time 
Nice jacket
Mavis and her cruel dad
The guy on the left had an easy gig, he never moved or spoke
The band were good and a bit zany


  1. Amazing Lightshow,absolutely brilliant.Big thanks for sharin'.