Sunday, 21 July 2019

Hoolets and rain

Friday after work saw us setting off for Edinburgh, Fi Fastback mounted, myself on the JPN, the rain had started before we left but bizarrely we had a dry road at Kinross before the rain came down in biblical proportions just before Kelty and remained so until our destination for the night at Fi's parents house in Prestonpans. Rush hour traffic in Edinburgh is never pretty and Friday was no exception, starting with the queue for the Queensferry crossing, ever since we built the new bridge queues have been the order of the day and for apparently no reason other than a very bad design (in my opinion) the bypass was a snails pace and we managed to filter most of the 20 odd miles through it, not so much fun on a bike with a racing crouch and negligible brakes due to the heavy rain but a warm welcome awaited us and we were both glad to have made it without any bike issues.
Saturday awakened with a bit of a fuzzy head, can't imagine why? After much blethering both in the pans and in North Berwick we got into our hotel for the night, a "spa" Hotel, normally expensive but Fi's sister got us a very good deal, quite glad about that because if we'd paid the full price we would have felt a bit ripped off, in the strange market conditions these days hotels still push prices up to maximise income whilst not keeping the fabric up to current standards, squeezing assets I suppose its called,  Scotland has many hotels who are "squeezing assets" problem will come when people see through the illusion and realise its not value for money and go elsewhere (by which I mean another country) where they get a bigger bang for their buck.
The only issue we had was the exhaust had come slack on Fi's bike which worried me but when we arrived at Bert and Laurenne's he had the tools to effect a good repair ably assisted by fellow Norton owner Davie Clark, glad to say it help up! The party was as always excellent, a fantastic spread and a great bunch of people and bikes, Fi and I were on the tea as we decided to ride back to our hotel that night and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely, sometimes tea is your friend, as darkness fell and drunkenness rose we said our goodbye's and had a great ride home in the setting sun, thanks again to our hosts for their hospitality.
The ride home on Sunday was dry thankfully and quite enjoyable, a braw weekend and after the torn muscle in my back repairs all will be well :-) 
We were early arrivals
Nice early boxer
a brace of Morgans
Bert seemed happier with the whisky than the flowers
I can only guess
Common these BMW's
Bert special
Bobbed Vincent
The coolest bit of art in the kitchen
Ewan and windy arriving
Cool lineup
Not bobbed and not black
Love the lines of the engine
An eclectic mix of bikes
Phils Ducati
Four craws sat upon the wa"
Liz being artistic (I think)
Our hostess Laurenne, still smiling after all the preparation
Looks serious
Deep in conversation
OK time to leave
Stunning ride back

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