Friday, 14 June 2019

Norton meeting Strontian

Well the summer is shaping up to be a Scottish summer, unlike last year when the jet stream gave us a very hot dry Summer 2019 is proving to be cool (not in a cool, way out man way) and wet. Our by now annual trip to Strontian on the Ardnamurchan peninsula started off dry but at St Fillans we stopped to pull on the waterproofs as it was looking damp the further west we travelled, at least the St Fillans Ducks were enjoying the weather, us less so. Fiona was on her yellow 750 Commando , myself on the 850 Mk3 and Alex following as tail gunner on his V7 Guzzi, the trip through Tyndrum was crap with a 3 mile tailback due to roadworks (which they were in the process of lifting just as we bullied our way to the front) The Green Wellie, a popular stop with motorcyclists was still busy (God knows why most of Central Scotland's motorcyclists congregate on this overpriced place) The run through Glencoe was actually better than expected, the high cloud meaning you could see to occasionally overtake the hordes of tourists who blight what used to be one of my favourite roads, Motorhomes being driven by complete cretins, Caravans being driven erratically, hire cars being driven by people who drive with no consideration for locals trying to go about their business, Minibuses and coaches constantly spewing out hundreds of people taking photos and selfies of Scotlands splendor, sometimes I wish they would all just FUCK OFF!
We arrived as expected at the Corran Ferry which transported us away from tourist hell to the peninsula where all is good and the roads a pleasure. We were staying at the Campsite in Strontian but Fi & I had the foresight to book a hut when we were up earlier in the year, because of the damp weather the midges were doing their best to get a fill of everyone's blood, most of the regulars were unrecognisable as they were all wearing midge nets, not the most flattering of facial attire.
Friday night at the pub was excellent, many tales being told and slight falling over from me as we left at closing time due to losing my footing in a pothole, the whisky had no bearing on this whatsoever.
Saturday was due to piss it down all day however it didn't. Some went for a run, some stayed , walked took in the local flora and fauna and went to the pub.
Saturday night we had a BBQ at the Bothy onsite, thanks to the owner Tim for the coals and firelighters, thanks to Bill for BBQ Lighting and burger duties, thanks to Fiona and Lesley for general organisation and preparation of what was an excellent spread and all for a fiver a head and thanks to everyone else for their input, banter and for a great night.
Sunday appeared just after Saturday which made the world space time continuum appear at peace, some who had been midgeed to death made an early exit, we left at around 10.30 for a very wet run home, people leaving earlier missed the rain, my brother John left later and missed the rain also, the Nortons are obviously just a big rain magnet. One observation I made as we rode down through a very busy Glencoe on Sunday was that at one point there were more Chinese tourists on the hills than sheep, maybe now the sheep have met their match, the sheep (owners) displaced the indigenous population, now maybe the Chinese will displace the sheep, remember you read it here first!
A great weekend as usual, looking forward to the next one, hopefully more Nortons next time, it appeared to be more of an Italian Motorcycle convention last weekend?

Waterproofs stop
Waiting for the Ferry
Our ferry on the other side
Random Triumph guys we met
Beard a flappin
Some of the team
Lesley, Fiona and our barmaid for the evening
Brace of Nortons
Alex's V7
Tim, the campsite owner setting off on a wee holiday
Phil, out on his Ducati
Forfar John ripping it up on his v4 Aprilla (same engine in the TT Norton)
John and Lesley's bikes
The Burn
Dark skies
Tide out on the Loch
Brother John cooking
The team. Snibs wearing full midge gear
Splendid presentation !


  1. Great photos and spiel, was a braw weekend, thankfully I didn't enter the Ena Sharples lookalike competition ALA Snibs and Forfar John.
    The Harley shot looks like an advertisement, a new calling?

    1. Whit, Harleys or taking photos of Harleys? Neither methinks, aye braw weekend again cheers Bro