Monday, 14 January 2019

Happy New Year

What an incredible winter it's been so far, motorcycling most weekends with temperatures almost as good as some summers I remember. The roads are quiet at this time of year making motorcycling so much more enjoyable. I keep thinking that the development of heated clothing has made winter my favourite time for riding a motorcycle (unless it's icy or snowing that is).
According to the doom merchants the weather is about to take a turn for the worse but you know even if it snows for a month I think myself lucky to have had such a great winter so far.
Work in the workshop continues apace, good progress being made on the Norton front with all 7 Commando's ready for the Spring (apart from a couple of very minor jobs) and even the Dommi was almost finished last Friday, however a gentle kick revealed no sparks from the Magneto so its now in bits again, I've got the Magneto off which is a right PITA, now I just need to buy a box of sparks and that'll be that.
Some pics from a wonderful Scottish winter.

Drinking tea in the great outdoors
Hair colour now matches my suit
The sma Glen
And again
Tea (again) at Rait
Falls of Dochart
Falls of Dochart 2
Loch Tay, magnificent
Dommi almost finished (Now its not!)
Norton at rest
Ford at Little Glenshee
Sunday Lunch with number 2 son at the Norton Club meeting place


  1. Happy New Year tae the happy wanderers fae the Wee Smokey cheel.
    Yes Gino I'd agree with your comments about having had great weather so far, I managed a wee local hurl at the weekend as well, Braw!

    Anonymous (Eric)

  2. Aye Fiona and Gino, a healthy New Year to you both too. Thank you for the wave on Saturday, we did see you. In the workshop dealing with Julia's car and the bikes, then went for another 'running in' run on the SRX, out to Comrie, Braco, Auchterarder, Forgandenny, Bridge of Earn and home. Cream doughnut in Comrie bakers was messy! ;) Sunday, pleased to see you out on the 'Black bomber' making progress, thanks for the wave. This time, off to Cupar, St.Andrews, where it was blowing a hoolie and the toasty sandwich kiosk on the East beach was doing a roaring trade. If you need a carbs and cholesterol overload, I would recommend one! Return was interesting as the wind had the bikes drifting the full width of the lane coming over from Guardbridge to Dairsie, with a setting sun burning out the eyeballs. However, once through Cupar it was no so bad to Myreside. Duke spannering ongoing.

    All the best, Myreside

    1. Took our own tea and sarnies last time we went to St Andrews! Cheaper and at least you can guarantee to get served!

    2. Aye, you have a point Gino, but the loos are some of the worst in Fife, unless you avail yourself of the ones in the St.Andrews Golf Club museum. ;) Awaiting spokes for a circular puzzle!