Thursday, 14 June 2018

Ardnamurchan Norton Weekend

For the second year running we have had a camping trip to the most excellent Sunart Camping at Strontian, the site is run by a fellow motorcyclist (Tim) and his wife and it gets my vote as one of the best campsites in Scotland, don't go there though, I'd hate to spoil the peace! We set off Friday Lunchtime with Alex on his new V7 Mk3 Guzzi, Fi on the Le Mans and me on the T3, Ten Nortons between us and we all go on Moto Guzzi's whats that all about? For me its been a question of time, the Guzzi's were ready to go and I haven't had a minute to prepare two Nortons so Guzzi's it is, after all it's about the people, not the bikes (?) A fine but busy run up to the Corran ferry, this remarkable spell of weather seems to have increased the tourist quotient even more than usual, unfortunately most of them drive their huge Motorhomes and caravans and hire cars like a man who's had 15 pints of beer, very badly and erratically. Motorhomes are the curse of the modern age, oversized and in IMHO undertaxed!
At the ferry we were joined by Philly, Jim and Forfar John all thankfully Norton mounted, once on the peninsula it was heaven, this is still a largely undiscovered part of Scotland so really I should keep it to myself. A nice night at the pub on Friday night and a nice meal, Bill I believe was trying for a late drink by offering to sing a song however the barmaid said if he did he wouldn't get back on the Saturday, obviously she has heard his singing before!
Saturday and everyone scattered to do their own thing, we went for a walk and eventually met up with my brother John and Lesley at the Ariundle centre and enjoyed a relaxed beer, (we were relaxed, not sure if the beer was) Saturday night we had a rerun of last year, the ladies prepared the BBQ assisted by Bill the BBQ guy and a very pleasant evening was spent in great company and much cheapness. I think Bill and John won the award for last out!
Sunday dawned as it usually does following Saturday and we all went our separate ways home, the A82 was terrible, busy and endless processions of traffic, Scotland in the Summer I suppose! A great weekend and a big thanks to all that came along and made it such a success! Next up for the mighty Tay Valley NOC is our Applecross weekend in July, be there or be talked about!

Waiting for the ferry to return
Alex and Fiona in the queue
Guzzi and Nortons mix easily
Loch Sunart
Warn enough to take the air on Friday night
Ladies enjoying a chat
John taking a photo of me taking a photo of him
Phil in a jovial mood
Bert's Vincent back on the road and looking great
strange way for a tree to grow
Loch Sunart from the mountain I climbed......
Look at the tonal regression
Saturday evening al fresco
Ladies preparing dinner
Bert relaying a story
Sunday, David T happy smokey Joe is living up to its name
The midges were horrendous, Forfar John trying to escape (nothing works)
John's Norton looking braw

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