Sunday, 29 April 2018

Arbroath Smokie Gathering

Eric Buick organises a couple of Classic gatherings every year now in the fishing town of Arbroath, famous for their "Smokies" hence the name of the gathering. It seems to go from strength to strength every year, Eric even organised some great weather this time, the banter was mighty and it was as always great to see old friends make new ones and just stand in the sun looking at old motorbikes. The day was especially good because instead of the usual bikes we see all the time the more Northerly location seemed to bring out a very interesting eclectic mix of motorcycles. Even got a nice run home on the T3, great stuff Eric, and congratulations on the weather. The pictures tell the tale.

Eric Photobombing his Panther!
Unusual, Condor
Used to race against these in the unlimited Proddy races, scary handling
Stunning, I want one!
Busy day oot with a great mix of bikes
Former racer Neil Johnson still enjoying a 2 stroke
Unusual in these parts
Sandy Bloy's 650SS, very nice
JPN Replica
Good to see bikes with Patina
Derek's RGS, tasty
Panther Patina
Mike's Commando outshining the Ducati
Used Bike!!
Home made?
A veritable feast of triples
Square Four
And a V4, RD500 two stroke, should have bought one when they were affordable


  1. Aye Fiona and Gino,

    Thank you for posting. Peed off not to remember, hence the no show! :¬(

    Looks as though the place was stowed out and I understand why the Duke caused you problems.

    Good health and regards, Myreside

  2. Was a braw do Bill, I only knew about it after speaking to Eric at Yett's last week.
    The Duke had me thinking but I think I'll stick to what I know, Norton's and Guzzi's :-)


  3. Aye Gino, you'd get p****d off with all those shims! ;¬) Has Phil still got the 750 running and out and about?

    Good health, Bill

    1. Aye Bill you're probably right, yep as far as I know, he's just done a top end job on the Commando so that may be getting used more just now

  4. Thanks for coming to Arbroath on Sunday Gino, turned out to be a pretty successful day, great pics you put up, but wha's thi eejit wi thi Panther.
    Regards to Fiona.
    A' thi best Eric.

    1. Crackin day oot Eric, I dunno, looks like a leprechaun wi wee legs in that photo :-)

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