Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A different weekend

I was left to my own devices this weekend as Mrs R had a Yoga workshop up North so I decided to get out with the camera(s) and snap some pics of Autumnal Scotland, nice couple of nights at Sunart Camping on the Ardnamurchan peninsula then a night with David and Anne at Minard and then met up with Fiona at Port Appin for the night. To be honest I was glad not to be on the bike for a change, it was pretty dreich a lot of the time despite the blue skies in the photos. Still a lot of tourists around and even the bloody annoying motorhomes are still in evidence and still being driven by in the main selfish bastards! It also reiterated to me the fact that our cousins in the North get a very raw deal when it comes to mobile coverage and Broadband speeds, shocking really.
Railway viaduct in glen Ogle (closed in the 60's)
Loch Sunart
Near Glenuig
Storm clouds rolling in towards Glenuig
Rainbow at Corran ferry
Strontian Sunday morning
Glencoe with a dusting of snow
Rail bridge at the South of the Glen
More steam McPhail
Falls of Dochart
Loch Sunart
Loch Moidart
Corran ferry
Corran ferry lighthouse
Kilchurn Castle
Bus party at Hotel = avoid like the plague 
Lismore ferry
Bleak conditions for the last ferry home
And finally a whisky named after David's Norton


  1. Aye Gino, some bonnie shots there, thank you for posting. Out over Glen Quaich today for a wee picnic run on 4 wheels :( Would have much preferred a run on Sally! However, grand scenery, some good ornithology spots and some good snow showers coming in on a stiff norwester, that all missed us, but plenty of sun. :) Good health and my regards, Bill

  2. Good stuff Bill, thanks for the compliment, good your getting out there

  3. Always enjoy your photos and commentary. Met you and Fiona on your way to Alaska a few years ago, in Prince Rupert, at the pub of all places! All the best to you two.

    1. Hi Ed, remember it well, great to hear from you, may be in Canada in 2018 , if we are we could meet up

      Gino & Fiona