Monday, 25 September 2017

A mixed weekend

Saturday morning saw a fine opportunity to get the oil circulating on the 750 Drum brake roadster, it was a pleasant morning, sun shining and almost warm. I had been abandoned by my dear wife as she was at a Yoga class probably learning the best position to kick start her Commando so I went solo to Queensferry, fine photo opportunity and a wee blether with some of the guys at "Biker Cove" one of the cafe's there.
Saturday afternoon we both went and got the sidecar outfit sorted out and its now for sale to anyone who crosses my palm with £6000.
Sunday and it was a bleak outlook, we donned the waterproofs from the off, I took the T3 with Fiona on the back as it was never going to be a pleasant run. Around Falkirk just past the Kelpies I spied George Martin and passed him with a wave just as the rain began, it turned quickly to very heavy and made riding the bike a dangerous hobby, because of the spray I could hardly see, why do cars insist on passing us then sitting in front at the same speed throwing up plumes of water to make us even wetter and make it more dangerous, some people need basic education out there.
I was surprised to see as many people at St Fillans and some nice bikes, the usual banter and met some guys I hadn't seen in a while, all in all a grand gathering of like minded idiots (who else would go out on a bike in that rain?) Eric Buick even made it from Arbroath, he must have been saving hard to buy the couple of gallons of petrol his BSA needed. Thanks to the Scottish Classic club for organising, unfortunately it clashed with the Distinguished Gentlemans ride so numbers were probably affected but it was good anyway despite the lack of anyone who was either distinguished or a gentleman! The ride home was wet, flooded roads, mental car drivers etc but we got home in one piece, not the best run I've had but I suppose its Scotland and our weather is crap so we have to put up with it!

Sidecar for sale
Could be yours sir....or madam
Commando at rest
Both sides at rest
Davids G5 Sans sidestand, somehow he lost it on the way, how you don't notice a 2 foot long sidestand falling off is beyond me.....
Our T3 with shorter but present sidestand
Nice Ariel Huntmaster
Enjoying the weather although I think David is in some kind of trance trying to figure out when he lost the sidestand
George's trusty A7
Pretty pretty
Not sure why Denis is smiling, it was very wet, Oh and surprisingly his bike started first kick
Plunger BSA
Laverda Jarama, cooking version of the Jota but a beast nonetheless 
Bill and Jim discussing how much a gallon of petrol was in 1968
It was bleak!

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  1. Sorry to have missed you both. I did stop at the Four Seasons on the way back from DGR, but the place was deserted. Poured a pint or so of water out of my left boot when i got home. These German Paras ain't what they used to be...