Monday, 3 July 2017

Progress but slow

So progress continues in the garage albeit slower than i'd like, problem is 44 years of dirt and oil accumulating in places you can't normally reach means everything takes an age to clean. I'm doubting now given the current pace of work if MVD will be ready for the International in August so I'll get the Mk3 Interstate ready as a back up.
Finally unboxed (after its sat in my attic for 2 years!)  my new Fullauto head, made in Australia and expensive but hopefully worth it, a few other mods taking place and hopefully it'll see the next 44 years going strong (by which time I may only use it occasionally!)
Work of art, seems a shame to put it on a bike!
Pretty and very new like
Today spent removing the rocker spindles out of the current head for re use, this head was a second when I bought it about 25 years ago but its done the job for a few miles!

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