Sunday, 18 June 2017

Grand day oot

Surprisingly warm today and no rain, a most unusual kind of weather for us here in Scotland, Martin visited us this morning and I was surprised to see he hadn't brought the West coast rain with him. Off we set for a bimble around the borders, Fi riding the Commando for the first time this year. In Peebles I spotted two Nortons on the pavement, It happened to be Bill and Campbell from Aberdeen returning from a Norton do in Northumberland, Bills Atlas decided to go sick. Some poking and hoping and we managed to get it running but not sure for how long as we hadn't really identified the issue, anyway was glad to be of some help.
Riding down and then along by St Mary's Loch we spotted George Martin on his pushbike (too tight to put petrol in his Triumph or BSA I think) we stopped for a blether and then he joined us at the cafe for further blethering. Plenty bikes in evidence here. A jaunt then over to Meggat Dam and then to Biggar for another stop for tea (you can't have enough tea on a warm Summers day) we said goodbye to Martin and eventually we wobbled home. A great day out with both Nortons running great, Fi getting about 20mpg than me which is annoying but I put it down to the fact I'm twice the size and she has a fairing.
Nortons being worked on!
Fi happy with the Commando
Martin happy with his ER6 (George pedaling furiously )
Tea stop
George and Fi
This is a nice view but glad Fi stopped where she did as its a bit of a drop!
Martin happy with the run I think


  1. You should have been down in Denholm for the Jimmie Guthrie; loads of Nortons, and pretty much everything else on the classic planet, seasoned with Castrol R and sunburn... SCMC run on Sunday at Pitlessie?

    1. It was a last minute thing, did you take the mighty falcone? Ardnamurchan next weekend with the NOC (usual suspects) so I'll not make it.

    2. Yes indeed, and ran all the way from Cramond to Denholm with a nice SS80. Ye cannae dae everything...