Sunday, 29 January 2017

More mud, no tarmac

The last couple of weekends have been devoted to garage time and trials time. Getting the sidecar ready for the forthcoming Dragon Rally in Wales in a couple of weeks, getting the T3 Guzzi ready for an MOT and looking at the parts for MVD in preparation for the rebuild. Thanks to Laurenne for picking up my bits from the powder coaters, looks like a great job. Hopefully soon we will have a Commando rebuild thread.
I have been up and down the A702 a few times lately, a road which is scenic at times and bloody frustrating at others, because of the disaster that is the M8 / M74 I think more trucks are using the 702, 45MPH is no fun no matter how scenic it is!
Managed to get some nice pics over the last few weeks on it though.

En route to the Guzzi post Christmas dinner
Pretty, takes your mind off following a gritter at 30MPH
En route to work, sunrise, very tranquil

This week saw the annual celebration of Burns's birthday and we celebrated with Bert &Laurenne Friday night in Haddington therefore Saturday was not to productive but we did get the trials bikes ready for Sunday, a great day today proving we still have a lot to learn but great fun despite the bruises!!

Thats not right!
Fi having a dab
Climbing the hill
Which you have to go down again, much scarier
I was tired.......
Giving the bikes a clean
Good practice for river crossings

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