Sunday, 27 November 2016


A wee while since the last posting but the weather is turning wintry, the sidecar has been getting a bit of use though with the two of us sharing the riding. A trip to Coldstream today on a mix of small roads and even smaller roads, a nice but volume lacking cup of tea at the cafe at Hirsel estate, ancestral home to the Douglas-Home's. They charge £2.50 to park which is a bit of a cheek i think considering the land was probably stolen from the local peasants who would also have had to rely on scraps from the table from the big house to live. It has to be said it's a pretty setting though and the great thing about motorcycling at this time of the year is the small roads are much quieter, also much wetter and muddier but thats ok. 130 miles done and a grand day oot!
Outfit looking clean before the off
Fi piloted on the outward leg
Bike getting dirty
I'm always wary of golfers, strange people
Mist on the loch
Actually frozen over, swans standing on water
This guy thought he was getting fed and provided entertainment by falling about on the ice
Get off the grass!!
Nice bird watching
Coming in for a bombing raid
A stop for tea
Pinkie up of course
Off roading.........
We had a cup of tea while waiting for our turn at the car wash

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  1. Always wanted to try out a sidecar! Looks like so much fun, great pictures!