Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tay Valley Norton Club Tullybannocher day oot

A great turn out at Comrie today for our end of season meeting, well it's end of season for the sensible but for the crazy one amongst us the riding continues throughout the winter. A bit of rain here and there but the Wormit boys who came mob handed with a big Commando turnout got drookit coming through, sorry lads, your bikes always look too clean anyway.
A big thanks to everyone who came along to spend some time drinking tea or coffee, eating rolls or cakes and talking bikes, great to see so many old bikes getting well used. Funny just as we were leaving a chap struck up a conversation saying he loved the older bikes and said "you never see these things getting ridden these days", quite the opposite from my perception, most of the places I go I see old bikes. The pics tell the story better than I ever can, enjoy.......

The roads were damp but who cares
Former TT racer Tam Willison laughs at the fact there is going to be a lot of bike washing going on later
Jakes mighty Falcone 
My Guzzi (I'll be on a Norton next year, honest)
Tam Broon joined us for a while
A brace of Atlas's
Bert's (of course)
Our latest Tay Valley member's nice Mk3
George Martin explaining to Sandy he had to start braking in Callander to scrub enough speed off on the A7
Wormit crew wondering why this bike is so clean
A great turn out
Nice Rotary air cooled makes an appearance
Geezers talking bikes
Lady's talking bikes
John H on his way home
Nice action shot
Worth a stop, excellent cakes
Chat about bikes I think
George explaining to David and Anne how to get 100 miles per gallon
Bert says bye
And so does Laurenne

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